Hollywood Stars Who Died During Filming

With the recent tragic death of Paul Walker without finishing filming  "The Fast and the Furious 7" movie, I've become interested with who among the Hollywood starsdidn't escape the wrath of death while doing a movie.

Below are the top list of Hollywood stars who died during filming:

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee died in 1973 while filming the Game of Death in Hong Kong. Bruce was found dead in his room while preparing for the film. The official cause of his death is swelling of the brain. The incomplete Game of Death was released that year and a featured full length version in 1978.

Marilyn Monroe

While filming the "Something's Got to Give" movie, Marilyn Monroe was in the production scene when she died of an apparent drug overdose. The movie was abandoned and never completed. But in 2001, the film was reconstructed and was included in the documentary, Marilyn: The Last Days.

Brando Lee

The son of Bruce Lee, Brandon was actually killed while filming a scene of the "The Crow" movie. He was accidentally shot with a real bullet. The movie was completed with the Director using double and special effects.

Natalie Wood

In 1981, while filming "Brainstorm", Natalie Wood died when she was drowned on a boat trip with her husband and co-star Christopher Walken. The director managed to finish the movie and was released in 1983.

River Phoenix

In 1993, River Phoenix was in the final weeks of finishing the "Dark Blood" movie when he was found dead from a drug overdose. The director able to complete the film and was shown to few film festivals.

Oliver Reed

From the "Gladiator" movie, Oliver Reed did not complete his role in the movie when he  died of heart attack while on movie location. A digital effects were used to complete his scenes in the movie.

Heath Ledger

In January 2008, after filming the "Dark Night", Heath Ledger shocked the movie industry when he died with drug overdose. Rumors went buzzing that he was deeply affected by his role as "Joker" in the Batman movie. He died in the middle of filming "The Imaginarium of Doctor of Parnassus". His role in the said movie was completed by Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell.


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