Brawl Between Adam Sandler And Taylor Lautner In Grown Ups 2

    Who wins the brawl between Adam Sandler and Taylor Lautner ? Find out in the latest comedy sequel movie Grown Ups 2
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Jaegers Vs Kaiju in Pacific Rim Movie

Jaegers vs Kaiju : who will win in Pacific Rim Movie?
       With a $200 million budget, the pressure is huge to ensure a box office hit. Some critics say its a lot better than Battleship. So the producers need not worry because Battleship earned over $300 million. 
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Keanu Reeves Debuts in Man of Tai Chi

After a long haitus from the big screen, Keanu Reeves is back with   a kung fu movie- genre he had always loved. Man of Tai Chi tells the story of a young martial artist who was forced to grapple in a Beijing's underground fight club. The story may not be new ( remember Van Damme's movies in the 80s & 90s ? ). But I think it's still worth our bucks for the following reasons:

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More Screentime for Minions in Despicable Me 2

Yes, they are too naughty to handle but amusing to see. These yellow henchmen called Minions did not have enough exposure in the first movie, but this time, to our delight, will take the center stage, at least for some parts.

Witness how Gru  ( voiced by comedian Steve Carell ) has changed from a villain to being a struggling Dad to his 3 adopted  adorable but typically playful girls.

Expect big laughs and impressive visual effects.  Watch out for new characters, a musical number and eccentric gadgets.
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Jamie Fox and Channing Tatum Bring the White House Down

What do you get if you put the swagger Jamie Foxx and the People magazine's sexiest man alive Channing Tatum together? A fun and action packed movie called White House Down. Widely compared to Olympus Has Fallen for having the same premise where the White House was assaulted by terrorists. But I believe White House Down is better because of the following reasons:

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