In a press conference yesterday, NBI Regional Director Vicente de Guzman discounted the claim of Deniece Cornejo that she was raped by Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo.  He said “Attempt to rape is not possible. The footage is glaring that there was no instance that Deniece was inside her room.

The CCTV also supports Navarro’s statement that when he went inside Cornejo’s condominium unit, two men were already inside.It  showed Cedric Lee, his sister Bernice and three other men entering the lobby on separate instances, the two men were not seen on the video except when the hand-tied Navarro was escorted to the elevator and towards the lobby.

The following is the time sequence based on the CCTV footage:

  • 10:38 p.m. – Navarro, in shorts, blue polo shirt and a bull cap entered the condominium lobby
  • 10:40 – Cornejo was seen at the lobby going out of the building
  • 10:41 – Cedric Lee entered the condominium lobby
  • 10:43:08 – Ferdinand Guerrero (in white shirt and wearing glasses and one of the respondents in the complaint filed at the Department of Justice) entered the lobby together with still unidentified man
  • 10:43:26 – Cornejo entered the lobby
  • 10:48 – a certain Mike (also a respondent in the complaint filed by the NBI at the DOJ) was seen entering the condominium lobby
  • 10:56 – Cedric’s sister Bernice entered the lobby
  • 11:10 – Navarro was escorted inside the elevator with Lee, Bernice, Deniece and five other men

This tragedy is getting more interesting. So what really happened? Is this another case of love triangle turning bad? What do you think? Share your thoughts.
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Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone!

All my chinese friends are busy for their new year celebration starting tonight. But the actual date is January 31 which marks the start of the year of the wooden horse. It is also known as the Spring Festival or the lunar new year and celebrations can last for about 15 days.

Just for fun, let me share what is in store for you as we usher to the 2014 chinese new year.

I don't really believe everything that is said here, but I was amused to read them. I'm glad to read the part where I would be traveling more this year. Yay! For those with zodiac sign, Monkey, here's your fortune. For more details on your ZODIAC sign, click here.

There is no special connection between Monkey and Horse. According to Chinese Five Elements theory, Horse contains strong  Fire. Monkey contains mainly Metal. Metal is afraid of Fire. So Monkey will face some pressures in the year of Horse.
Monkey is a smart animal. It should accept the challenges from Horse. If Monkey can get on the horseback, then Monkey can go as anywhere they want. Therefore traveling is a good sign for Monkey people in 2014. If Monkey people want to look for better opportunity for their life, then they can consider to look for opportunities away from hometown.

Career: 2013 was a Snake year. Snake is in the Fire group. 2014 is a Horse year. Fire of Horse is stronger than Fire of Snake. If Monkey people need to do tiresome assignments within a busy schedule since 2013, then the job pressure will continue in 2014. You might have more errands. You might need to travel more. You might have tighter schedule. Monkey people should use their intelligence to challenge the stress.
2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood of 2014 represents money to Monkey people. The money is on the top of Horse. Monkey must get on the horseback to own the money. If you can rein the Horse, then money is yours. If you cannot catch up the Horse, then you are always chasing the money.
Money: The Money Star appears in this Wooden Horse year. Therefore, the money opportunity is there. Monkey people just need to figure out how to get it. Money is on the horseback. This tells us that Monkey people must move faster and work harder to earn their income. It's not an easy job. It might need to take a little bit time. There is no easy money in the Horse year, you must spend your energy, sweat and time to exchange your reward. To travel out of town might be a better idea to locate your treasure.
However, remember that you shouldn't be too greedy after owning the money on the horseback. It's still dangerous there. If you cannot handle it, then you will fall down. When that happens, you will encounter the more pressure from money, even a lawsuit.
Love: There is no love connection between Monkey and Horse. So the love relationship is fair. It might have a ripple. But it will disappear soon. If you want to find a good companion, you still need to travel a little bit further to look for the opportunity. It's hard to find one around your current environment.
If you are in love, then you just have to maintain the existing relationship. You might have too busy career schedule to build a closer love relationship. If you are married, then minor quarrel is possible, but that's easy to avoid using your wisdom.
Health: Career or money pressure might bother Monkey people sometimes. Summer is a tough time. Monkey people need to enough sleep and good rest for their coming challenges. Monkey people might spend more time outdoor or away from the home. You should drive very carefully on the road and try to avoid dangerous sports.
There is minor unlucky star regarding family members in 2014. If you have seniors in your family, then you should say hello to them often and make sure they have good mood and health. If someone you love away from you, then it's nice to give them a call once for a while.


That is a sign of jinx in Chinese horoscope when a Horse meets another Horse from the yearly cycle. That tells us that the year of Horse won't be a good year for Horse people. The scene is that if a Horse is passing by a town with a local Horse tyrant in charge. If Horse people can keep quiet, then they will be safe and pass the town. If Horse people want to mess with or challenge the tyrant, then trouble will come to them during their journey.
That means Horse people will travel under somebody's territory. Horse people needs to play in low-profile during 2014. Their people friendship, love relationship, money management or job competition might encounter a certain limitation during the Horse year.
Career: There is a Military General Star coming toward Horse people in 2014. That's is a sign of power and leadership. When Horse meets Horse, that implies the competition. Since Horse people enter enemy's territory, the competition is underdog to Horse people. In order to gain the leadership, Horse people will face many challenges. Therefore, you will spend lots of time with your friends, supporters or competitors to solve issues regarding to the business. If you failed to handle that properly, you will lose your reputation, even power. As a result, you might blame on yourself. You have better be humble and patient first. To take action, you must waiting for good timing. Anyway, to build good people relationship will give your career development much easier.
Horse can run very fast and far away. However, without a guide on its back, Horse doesn't know where it should go. Therefore, to listen people's opinion is very important for Horse people in 2014.
Money: Horse people will deal a lots with money in 2014. You will involve or be in charge of money management, because of the Military General Star. People around you are watching the money in your hands. They will be trying anything they can to utilize your money resources you have. They will ask your out often. therefore, your social activities and social expenses will increase. To loan money to your friends is not a good idea in the Horse year. That might become a dispute in the agreement later on. Then you may lose the friendship. 2014 is also not a good year to invest money on uncertain business. Watch your money tightly, especially in the summer. Your money luck will be better when the weather is cooling down.
Love: The love relationship of Horse people is fair today. There is a Popularity Star appearing in 2014. That will help single Horse people to meet a opposite sex. However, you still have the competition out there and the development of relationship will be slow. If you are in school, then you should focus more on the study. Spending too much time on the new relationship won't give you better or faster result. If you are in love and you want to push closer relationship on your lover, then you might hurt yourself in the end. If you are married, you might have little quarrel. So to put your focus on the career development or financial management is a better approach.
Health: Horse people should have stronger body and mind than the previous year. If they have slight illness, they should be able to recover quickly, as long as they have enough sleeping and rest. But Horse people in the Horse year usually don't have a long-lasting good mood, which could impact their health. So don't forget to do the annual physical examination. One Hurting Star arrives to Horse people in 2014. So they have better drive very carefully on the road and try to avoid dangerous sports.
2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Horse is Fire and Wood helps Fire to burn longer. There are too much Fire coming toward Horse people in 2014. It's quite possible that Horse people have too much Fire or too less Water in 2014. Too much Fire will cause problem in the cardiovascular system. Too less Water will cause problem in the urinary system.


Horse doesn't like Rat at all. They said Horse will die when it eats the feces of Rat. Therefore, Rat people's fortune won't be too good in 2014 Horse year. According to Chinese Horoscopes Five-Element theory, Rat is in Water group and Horse is in Fire group. Fire is afraid of Water. But horse contains strongest Fire among 12 animals. Fire of Horse and Water of Rat will fight badly together. That's a sign of quarrel and dispute.
2013 of Snake year is the first year of Fire cycle. 2014 of Horse year is the second year of Fire Cycle. If you do well in 2013, then you will continue to do well in 2014. If 2013 did bring you bad luck, then you have to watch out in 2014 and prepare to face coming troubles. Fire is related to money to Rat. The major activity in 2014 must be something to do with money and friends.
Rat contains Water. Horse contains Fire and Earth. Earth can make Water disappear and bring pressure on Rat. To fight with Fire and Earth, Rat Water will be exhausted in 2014. Therefore, Rat people will feel not enough energy in 2014.
Career: Rat people's career in 2014 won't be good. The main reason is Horse and Rat have hostile and fighting relationship. That is the sign of disagreement or argument. That means the career path is not smooth and stable. Horse can run fast, which is a sign of movement and traveling. So you will have busy schedule for your job assignments. You might have to work extra hours or have to work out of town. A relocation for new job assignment is possible. Chancing a new position or new company is also possible. All these are good signs. If you don't accept the challenge, you will lose the opportunity during the competition.
If you complain lots of pressure on your position, then you won't be happy in the office. Either you change a new boss or new company, the new position will still keep you busy. Your people relationship is poor in the Horse year. You have better be patient and not have any conflicts with people. Otherwise, you will face more obstacles in your career development. Keeping a low profile is the key to have a peaceful career in 2014.
Money: Your money luck is fair in 2014. Horse contain Fire. Rat is Water. Fire is connected to money to Rat people. Therefore money related activities will increase. Rat people will see many money opportunities, but they have to fight to own it. If you win, then Horse brings you good income. If you lose, then Horse brings a money loss. Since there is an Exhausted Star to Rat people in 2014. This tells us that money pressure makes you tired and you might feel short of money in the year of Horse.
Rat people need lots of wisdom to manage their financial investment in the Horse year. They must be alert and take more considerations before taking investment decisions. If you need to look for the investment partners or financial advisors, you can find the people born in year of Dragon or Monkey. They can help you to fight with the pressure from Horse and protect your wealth. As long as you are not greedy, you will have stable income.
Love: The Love relationship for Rat people in 2014 is poor. Rat is in Water Group and Horse is in Fire Group. Therefore, Rat and Horse cannot get along too well. Pig people shouldn't expect a good result in love relationship. However, if you are a male, then Horse is connected to a female to you. So male Rat people have better chances to meet the opposite sex in 2014. You still can succeed in looking for love, if you can avoid conflict and quarrel with friends around.
If you are single and looking for love, then the first step is to spend more time and money for social activities. You might know or meet someone you like far away from your house. You might need to drive a little bit further to meet him or her. Or you might find someone special from Internet social network. If you are lucky, then love will keep you busy. If you are already in love, then can spend more time to maintain your relationship. If you are married, then you can plan for your vacation on traveling to enjoy your love relationship. Year of Horse is easier to bring up argument or dispute to Rat people. As long as Rat people can control their temper, the love relationship will be fine.
Health: Rat people might need to consume lots of brain power and energy for their income in 2014. Since Horse year will be a busy year, you have to learn how to manage your schedule and reserve time for enough rest and relax after work. If you ruin your health, then you might lose your opportunity on your career and wealth. If you have health issue on kidney, bladder or cardiovascular system in 2013, then you need to continue monitor the condition to prevent it becoming a bigger problem in 2014.

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Stunning Photos of Blue Beach in Maldives

This stunning photo taken by Taiwanese photographer Will Ho at Dusit Thani, Maldives is real and  not a product of photoshop or illusion in a movie scene. The natural phenomenon is called Bioluminescence, chemical reaction occuring when a micro-organism in sea water is disturbed by oxygen.

The photos were taken during Ho's honeymoon at Maldives, a breathtaking paradise.

See other amazing photos by the photographer in his Flickr account.

Seeing these great photos remind of me of two scenes in the Life of Pi and Avatar movies.

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Every year in American Idol I would watch out for talented Filipinos to be featured. And so far, I'm pleased to discover the power belter and multi-instrumentalist Malaya Watson. She impressed judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr with her rendition of Aretha Franklin's Ain't No way.

Rumors have it that she is included in the Top 31 . This Michigan teenager is definitely one to watch in the coming weeks. For now, you can enjoy some of her videos  in YouTube.

 A beautiful rendition of Chaka Khan's classic Through The Fire.


A very soulful version of Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You

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Five Reasons Why American Idol Season 13 Is Worth Watching

Much has been said about the declining ratings of American Idol. Despite that, it is still  the most successful reality-singing competition with more viewers than the Voice and X Factor. I still believe the show will do well this year and is worth watching.

Here are 5 reason why American Idol Season 13 will be great.

Most Talented Singers. No talent show has ever produced some of the most incredible artists. Just look at Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, David Cook, David Archuleta. And the list goes on. Based on the 79 contestants who received golden tickets so far, I am confident that this year will have phenomenal voices.

New Judge, Harry Connick Jr. This multi talented singer is just hilarious. In previous seasons he made appearances as a mentor and even performed on stage. He is likeable and knows well what he is doing. In the first episode, he lectured his fellow judges and contestants about pentatonic scale. Pentatonic what? Oh, he will the one to watch.

Eccentric Contestants. The early two episodes have already showcased some of the funniest auditions. Watch the shirtless ( wearing jumpers ) comedian wannabee, beefed up guy with no singing talent and the cool James who joked "Why does the dog likes to go to the water? Because it doesn't want to be a hotdog."

Great Chemistry Among The Judges. We didn't like the tension between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj in Season. We had enough of the bickering. The new panel of judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr, have excellent combination of personalities. 

New Format. Notice the new golden tickets? They also introduced  the Chamber, a room where contestants have a few seconds to prepare before they go in and perform. Guitars are now allowed to be used when auditioning. Noticeable also is the refreshing way of presenting the clips. The editing is well done. I also like the way they engage viewers by asking them through twitter to guess if the contestant will go trough or not. I look forward to more of that. It's cool to involve the audience.

What do you think of the new American idol show? Share with us.

Enjoy the recap.
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Watch Video : Sofia Vergara Slaps Jimmy Kimmel

It started just for fun and ended badly. Sofia Vergara was so offended that she slapped Jimmy Kimmel. She couldn't take the insults anymore when Kimmel read an online comment that she had a penis.

Don't get carried away. Everything was just a joke. They are of course friends and were just having fun. This is a common scene in the show. Matt Damon had a hilarious interview a few years ago.

Here's what happened.

Last night's episode in Jimmy Kimmel Show, the comedian host invited the funny, Modern Family star, to read a selection of mean comments written about each other. The first few remarks were still tolerable until Sofia lost her cool and things turned bitter.

"The most dangerous neighborhood in the country is the comments section on every webpage" Jimmy told the audience. Indeed, if you read some remarks from people around the world, they can be so horrible. Some  are so racist and discriminatory that it could actually start a war.

What terrible comments have you read about anyone lately? Share with us.

Watch the video below.

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Much of US & Canada colder than some parts of Mars, See Stunning Photos

Temperature in certain areas of the United States and Canada have fallen to below 50 degrees C. It is lower than what was recorded by Mars Rover with daily temperature readings from its tour of Mars ranging from negative 25 to negative 31 deg C.

In Kentucky, it was freezing cold that a prisoner who run away begged to return back to prison after spending a night in an abandoned house.

For a detailed report, click here.

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Embarrasing Moment of Transformers Director Michael Bay at CES 2014 ( Video )

We all have embarrassing moments in public. And this could be Michael Bay's worst, yet. Bay, a famous director of movies such as Transformers series, Pearl Harbor and Armageddon, went blank and speechless during Samsung's presentation of it's latest 150 inches bendable TV at CES 2014. When he discovered he screwed up, he then walked out, leaving the moderator and audience dumbfounded.

In a blog post in his website, the renowned director wrote : " Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES. I just got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP's intro line and then the teleprompter got lost. Then the prompter went up and down-then I walked off. I guess live shows aren't my thing."

This shows that even talented people suffer from stage-fright. Watching this reminds me of a shameful experience I had back in my University days.

Expect spoof and parodies in YouTube about this humiliating incident. For now, watch the video and share with us why you think he messed up.

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Proud of PDA at Basketball Game

Ashton Kutcher proudly showed his affection to girlfriend Mila Kunis when the camera spotted the couple at a basketball game between LA Lakers and Utah Jazz last Friday.

The recently rumored engaged partners were seen holding hands and covered each other's faces with a hat while kissing. With Kunis' baggy clothing, the report that has again surfaced that she is pregnant. 

I have enjoyed watching this couple when they first worked together in TV sitcom That 70's show. I love their characters as Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso. They were totally hilarious!

Both are often caught publicly expressing their love for each other.

Is she pregnant?

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AMC has released 4 new teasers for Mid Season Premier of the Walking Dead Season 4 in February. The clips shows at least 5 major characters at risk of being overtaken by walkers.

The first clip shows Darryl And Beth running away and eventually fell down. The second clip, Glen awakes on top of a van/ bus and sees walkers trying to reach him. The third clip unveils Michone with her Kitana. And the fourth clip, Carl opens a door and is surprised by a zombie.

If we are to analyze the trend in previous seasons, we can expect another death of a major character. So far, we saw Hershel and the Governor gone. Another real shocker is imminent. Who would it be?

For sure, it would not be Darryl. He's got millions of fans who will protest. It's still early for Rick or Michone, right? The writers have big plans for Carl.  Emergency Awesome predicts it would be Maggie. That's possible, but isn't Hershel's death already too tragic in the Greene family? I hate to say this, but it could be Glenn. If that happens, we won't have a love story in the show anymore.

Who do you think would be the unlucky one to be axed? Share with us.

You can watch the teasers here.

Enjoy  Emergency Awesome's analysis.

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The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premier Poster Revealed, "Don't Look Back"

"Don't look back" This is Rick's last statement to his son Carl as they flee the prison.

We are a month's away to the mid-season premier of the Walking Dead Season 4. And we are all excited to see a new adventure of the group as they find each other after being scattered as a result of the Governor's sudden attack. In episode 8, we left off with the shocking death of Hershel and the  the governor's demise.

I am looking forward to the The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 which will start on  February 9, 2014. I am excited to see Carol returning.Who are you excited to see ?

For now, we can enjoy the game "How long would you survive in a zombie apocalypse?" here
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The Most Pirated Movies and TV Series in 2013

Nothing can stop people from watching their favorite film or TV program for free.

According to website TorrentFreak, in 2013, the Most Pirated Movie and TV show are The Hobbit : Unexpected Journey with 8.4 million downloads and Game of Thrones with 5.9 million. The second place were taken by Quentin Tarantino's movie Django Unchained with 8.1 downloads and Breaking Bad with 4.2 million.

 The total figures of piracy could be much higher as it did not include illegal online streaming. The figures were taken from multiple sources including download statistics reported by BitTorrent trackers.

 A spokesperson for the Federation Against Copyright Theft ( FACT ) said that piracy puts jobs at risk and prevents future investment. " Piracy threatens the livelihoods of over 1.5 million people whose jobs rely on the continued success of films, TV programmes and other forms of entertainment.... The people running websites providing access to pirated content are doing it to make money."

Here's the full list of rankings for the most pirated films and TV series of 2013 :

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Happy New Year 2014 : Fireworks Display Around the World

Yes, It's 2014!!! Happy New Year everyone. Here in Singapore, we had a quiet celebration. How I wish I was back home in the Philippines enjoying the festive mood - lots of food and noise. Anyway, here are some of the fireworks highlights around the world. Enjoy!

BBC's full coverage from the Thames Embankment, central London

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Eiffel Tower, Paris

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