Internet and world wide web

When did you start to use the internet? Can you tell how things have changed then? The use of internet and world wide web have shaped the way people live and think. Now people would label you as uncivilized when you ask something  that you can know for yourself if you search through the web ( thanks to google ).
With the vast information available, we have no more excuse not to know. When my cousin ask for my help with her assignment, not wanting to embarrass myself I secretly grabbed the laptop and search for the answer in wikipedia.
Do you know that the web used to be just unidirectional. Now people can communicate, ask and receive answers through search engines and websites. Yes, you can even know how many Angelina Jolie has already adopted.

How has the internet been useful to you? ( like the teacher who caught his student cheating through FB ).

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Come join the ride

Join me as we embark on a journey down the memory lane of the past and celebrate the marvel of every transformation. As we review we shall discover the circumstances that led to discovery and innovation. Then we can draw conclusion that will allow us to learn and improve.
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