Hugh Jackman, A Samurai In The Wolverine Movie

 Remember the  scene in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand ( 2006 ) where Wolverine had to kill Jean Grey before she turns into Phoenix ? The story of the new film, The Wolverine  kick starts from there.  Troubled and struggling with inner self, he travels to Japan to find healing. He received Samurai training, fell in love and... oops can't continue, it will spoil the excitement. One thing though, needless to say, expect plenty of sword fights. Anime lovers will be delighted.
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Quirky Johnny Depp in Lone Ranger Movie as Tonto

After a very long anticipation, The Lone Ranger will finally open in theaters on July 3, 2013. For most of us who are not familiar with American Old West, we would definitely still enjoy this movie because of Johnny Depp's presence. We have enjoyed him as funny and eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow in the film series Pirates of the Carribean. He stole people's hearts when he portrayed in the Edward Scissorhands. Who would think he can sing well in Sweeney Todd. In Finding Neverland, he was nominated at Academy Awards for best actor.

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Zombies in World War Z and The Walking Dead

There is a rich history of Zombie theme in both movies and television programs. That is why for  a hardcore thriller fan, World War Z could quite be a disappointment. There is no enough gore. No wonder it is rated PG 13. Perhaps the producers want it to be available to as many moviegoers as possible. Or they want to be unique, straying from the typical genre that has been shown before. I myself couldn't take so much bloodshed. So the movie has  just enough intensity and terror to keep you awake.

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Lebron James, Miami Heat's Greatest Weapon

I feel sorry for some of you who lost in a bet. I personally know someone who did.
I'm not really a huge fan of basketball. But since this is a newsworthy victory I might as well just join the celebration.
So much has been said of Lebron James' amazing ability. In  high school he has shown great potential. He persisted and practiced a lot until he became the great player that he is. See Lebron's execution then and now  :

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Monsters University Resembles Harry Potter Movie

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY  is a prequel to the box office hit Monsters Inc.It tells about the early struggle of Mike as he fulfill his dream of studying Scaring in the prestigious Monsters University. The story unfolds the events such as surviving bullies, passing tests and discovering the value of friendship which reminds us so much of Hogwarts and the adventures of  Harry, Hermione and Ron. Unlike Harry Potter though, expect tons of laughter and heart warming moments.

This makes me think of movies that have identical storyline. I can easily think a few namely :

BRAVE and THE CROODS ( parent and child struggle )
MEGAMIND and DESPICABLE ME ( villains turned heroes )
ANTZ and A BUG'S LIFE ( ant colony )
AVATAR and SURROGATES ( people acting through remote robots or life forms )

Could you think of other movies with similar themes?

The movie trailer :  If the clip below doesn't play please click

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Candy Crush Movie Trailer Goes Viral

If you can't watch the clip, please click to this link

Youtuber Nigahiga spoofed the current craze over games in his post last June 6, 2013 which has now garnered over 3 million views.  The funny 3 minute clip depicts our addiction over games like CANDY CRUSH, FRUIT NINJA, TEMPLE RUN, ANGRY BIRDS, etc.

It's quite funny how we get so hooked with these kind of entertainment. It's embarrassing to admit that I'm currently obsessed with Plants Vs Zombies. I know that's an old game. What can I do I'm a late bloomer.  I even googled how to beat Dr Zomboss. My 2 kids are engrossed too. The older one  even dreamt about it one night and he was saying while asleep "oh we have lost".

What's your favorite games? And how much time do you spend with it?

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Do Parents Have Right To Monitor Kids on FB?

The latest survey in U.S. revealed that 70% of parents track their children's activities through Facebook. The same poll told 46% had passwords to their kids' FB account.

Does this survey show that most parents nowadays do not trust their kids anymore?   For those who argue about privacy, as a parent do you have a right to know what your children are up to in social media status and updates? And how old should the child be for parents to let go and trust their children?
But if you think about it, if children will really do something they don't want their parents to know, will they even post that ( like the one guy who was caught cheating by wife or police found suspect through FB ).

What do you say? Let your voice be known? Post your comments.

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7 Reasons Why Growing Up In The 80s Is The Best

Let's go down the memory lane and identify why the 80s is the best decade ever.

  1.  Food - street food, bazooka gum, serg's chocolate and bobot candy ( with free ring ). 
  2.  Great Movies- We were touched by ET, moved by Indiana Jones and amazed with Rambo.
  3. Best Music - We can never forget the disco hits and how people try to dress like the Menudo, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Michael Jackson rocked the world with his moves.
  4. TV programs - After school we would  rush to go home and watch our favorite programs like Voltron, Voltes V,  and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  5. Arcade games -  ( Pac Man, Mario Bros, etc ).
  6. Gadgets - Betamax and VHS. Too bad our children won't know how we record our favorite music through mixtapes.
  7. Did I fail to mention anything?

Now it's your turn to share your thoughts.

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Cebu Prison Inmates Now Movie Celebrities

Who would have thought that the famous dancers from the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center would be featured in the latest movie entitled DANCE OF THE STEEL BARS. They rose to fame with their dance ( Michael Jackson's Thriller ) uploaded in Youtube. They were subsequently featured in Time magazine and included in Michael Jackson's Posthumous film This Is It. This is truly a great story about redemption. What will be next of them? That remains to be seen.
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Superman: Christopher Reeve or Henry Cavill, Who is better?

With the latest film about the well beloved superhero SUPERMAN, one cannot avoid to compare Henry Cavill with those who had portrayed the character Clark Kent previously. Here are the list: **GEORGE REEVES - Film Superman and the Mole Men (1951 ) **CHRISTOPHER REEVE - Film, Superman I to IV ( 1978,1980, 1983 & 1987 ) **BRANDON ROUTH - Superman Returns ( 2006 ) ** HENRY CAVILL - Film, Man of Steel ( 2013 ) **DEAN CAIN - TV Series, Lois & Clark ( 1993-1997 ) **TOM WELLING - TV series, Smallville ( 2001-2011 ) Who do you think is the best and why? Are you after muscular physique or facial features? Others would consider acting ability.
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