Is X-Men: Days of Future Past the Best X-Men Franchise?

In comparison to previous X-Men movies, critics have given X-Men: Days of Future Past the best reviews by far. And from the box office perspective it will be a huge blockbuster and could beat the record of X-Men : The Last Stand ( 2006 - $459 million  ) which was also directed by Bryan Singer. Currently, it has raked over $260 million worlwide.

For me, this is not the best X-Men franchise. The Last Stand still stood out. But still I enjoyed the story ( loosely based on the storyline of Uncanny X-Men comics ), the impressive action sequences and the fresh characters of Bishop, Warpath, Blink, Sunspot and Quicksilver who is truly amusing.

New Characters introduced :

Bishop, played by Omar Syhas ability to absorb all forms of energy and release it in different forms like kinetic blasts.

Warpath, played by Booboo Stewart, a first native-american mutant with superhuman senses, strength, agility and flexibility. He has super resistance to injury and explosions.

Blink, played by Fan Bingbing, has the ability to teleport and create portals for others to teleport as well.

Sunspot, played by Adan Canto is an afro-brazilian mutant with ability to absorb and channel solar power.

Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters, can think and move at supersonic speeds which allows him among others to run up walls,cross bodies of water and create cyclone-strength winds.

I'm just a little bit disappointed with the future last scene. The fight scenes could have been extended. And it was too dark to really appreciate all the action sequences. But overall, it was a great ride.

After the movie, don't leave first. As in previous films, a cliffhanger post credit scene is shown about a cloaked man with telekinesis.

For those who have seen the latest flick, is X-Men: Days of Future Past the best X-Men franchise? Share with us your thoughts.
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American Idol Season 13 Finale : Caleb Johnson Wins

Rocker Caleb Johnson beats Pop Diva Jena Irene in American Idol 2014. It was the first in 13 seasons that a hard rock singer wins Idol. . He previously auditioned in Season 10 and 11 and finally in Season 13 won the well deserved title with his impeccable voice.

This is one of the best Finale Show. There are just too many wow moments. I enjoyed most of the performances. There's a cool collaboration of John Legend and Malaya. Lovely! Caleb rocked the stage with Kiss. Paramore and Jena were just as good. Alex Preston with Jason Mraz. Amusing Ryan Seacrest duet with Richard Marx. And of course medley performances from JLO, Keith, Harry and Randy.

Except for the dipping ratings, overall this was a wonderful American Idol Season.

Final Results & American Idol Winner Crowned... by IdolxMuzic
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Color On Toothpaste Tubes Indicating Chemical Content Is A Hoax

The popular belief that  the color on toothpaste tubes indicating chemical content is just utter nonsense. I learned this from the website

The site says the squares, called eye marks, are for manufacturing purposes. It helps the machines used in packaging when to cut or crimp the tubes.

So you don't need to worry now. Go ahead buy your favorite toothpaste!

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Michael Jackson's Hologram Performance at 2014 Billboard Music Awards

Michael Jackson was brought to life in a hologram performance of his latest single Slave to the Rhythm during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Looks creepy to some, but I quite enjoy the show with plenty of signature moves from the King of Pop and spectacular choreography of back up dancers wearing futuristic security gears.

The song is part of Jackson's latest posthumous album Xscape.

How do you find the performance? Is it cool or creepy?

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Student Jailed For Hacking School's Grading System

Jose Bautista, a high school senior in Northwest Miami-Dade School, USA was arrested for allegedly hacking the school's report card database and changing his grades and his four friends. He now faced charges of intellectual property offense, modifying programs and an offense.

The school's Principal informed the police that Bautista gave him a written confession.

The student is now under house arrest with GPS monitor while the case is awaiting judgement.

As of this writing, it is unclear if the busted students would be allowed to graduate  or if they will face any punishment.

Kids these days are too smart for their own good. Well, I guess some company would be interested to hire him for his guts and great skills.

Via CBS Miami
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